Obama’s Noble Peace Prize

So President Obama has become the first person to win the Nobel Peace Prize for rhetoric, hope and good intentions. This day in October 2009 is indeed momentous because the world’s top accolade has seemingly been awarded on grounds of unanimous optimism.

Such is the desperate hope that Obama will herald change and heal the world that even the peace prize committee is viewing his presidency as if it is the Second Coming. 

Last year, Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari earned this accolade after three decades of work to resolve international conflict. Obama has won it – not earned it – based on what he might achieve within the next eight years. The courage of Zimbabwean PM Morgan Tsvangirai – suffering torture in his political mission to stand-up against the tyrant that is Mugabe – seems to have counted for little. But should he, and rest of us, wonder why he was over-looked, the reasons have become evident. A source from Oslo has broken ranks to reveal the reasoning behind the voting within the committee (as taken from the comment sheet at the bottom of the voting papers)

 TOP SECRET: The Reasons Why Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize

No1: He’s not George Bush

No2: Look how he united the people in Berlin and Kenya. The man exudes peace.

No3: If we give him this accolade, maybe he’ll actually pull out of Iraq & Afghanistan, and close down Guantanamo Bay

No4: If we give him this accolade, maybe the Taliban will think they’ve lost the war and surrender

No5: If he’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he can hardly then declare war on Iran

No6: Look how he assuaged and soothed Hilary Clinton – now that takes a real diplomat

No7: Look at the man’s teeth when he smiles, and the glint in his eyes. Here is a good man.

No8:  The way he united a black professor and white arresting police officer. Did you see that!! He’ll be cracking beers between Israel and Palestine in no time.

No9: He failed to be riled when Joe Wilson yelled ‘YOU LIE’. Such calm, such grace, such manners speak volumes of the peace at his core.

No10: He went all the way to Chicago on a false hope only to lose out to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. He took defeat like a man. Such sportsmanship!

So there we have it. Now I understand. It’s clear that the world thinks the President is a very, very, very nice man Maybe this honour should be re-named the Noble Peace Prize. Because it doesn’t have much value left with its previous grand title.

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